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Finding Your Why, CBD Oil, HIIT Finishers, Volume Eating, and More…

Episode 219

Today is another JAM PACKED Q&A!

Things mentioned in today’s show:



  • Do you think people are asking themselves “why” enough and getting to the root of their goals and/or blocks in life? Why do I want abs? Why am I on my 5th diet with the 3rd coach for the year with no success? Why did my significant other and I just get in a major fight over the dishes? Jason Phillips at NCI cert this past weekend, explained the stack method he does with the why question for situations, how do you use it and can you explain how it helps?
  • In reference to increasing metabolic flexibility toward using fats for fuel, how long do you wait each day before having carbohydrates? Do you have a base recommendation of waiting til lunch or reason for this? And would you then carb backload around an evening workout? Have you had difficulty getting in all your carbs for the day with this approach for yourself or clients?
  • What is the one meal prep appliance you could not do without?
  • As a collector of body art myself, I know there is always an itch to get more. Do you have any new ink planned for the future?
  • Could you talk more about CBD oil? I’ve read a lot of different things online, what are your thoughts on it? THC vs THC free? Best way to purchase? Capsules or oil? Etc.
  • Fueling and fuel timing before and after when there’s more than one workout in a day?
  • I have noticed in phase two of Functional Muscle, there is some high intensity finishers (which I love) like the air squats, kB swings, jump lunges etc. I know since you created it, there’s good reason behind it. What is the reason or science behind HIIT being at the end of a strength session? Thanks for all you do, Cody! I have eliminated all podcast listening except for yours since I find everything I need there!
  • Volume eating: I love volume eating and it is very goof when you’re on low macros (like a cut,..). Do you think there is an unhealthy limit? Or an unhealthy relationship when needing big bowls of food? Maybe also digestive issues? Maybe you could talk about the Pros/Cons
  • What other state in America could you live in & why? P.S: it has to be a state outside of the pacific north west
  • Favourite exercise recipe (i.e., tempo, reps, sets, frequency) for sculpting your shoulders? (Lets be honest, everyone has seen your mad delts on Instagram)
  • What kind of COACHES and MENTORS do you have? Which one was the BEST decision you should have done way earlier? Which one was the hardest decision? And why did you choose them?


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