Q&A: Fatphobia, Moving From Macro OCD to Intuitive Eating, and More…

Episode 418
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Show notes

5:17 – How do you go from an OCD obsessed macro counter to an intuitive eater?

14:36 – Smartest way to program at home workouts with people who have limited equipment?

20:29 – Top 3 pieces of equipment for an at home gym on a budget!

22:27 -How to alleviate knots in your shoulder/arms? I never got them before but did a bunch of those quarantine push up challenges and now they’re gnarly and won’t go away and when I do my upper body lifts it hurts and just gets worse. I know massage would help but didn’t know if there was any other secrets

26:07 – How to deal with a period of bad training? I am Still getting lots of daily activity through walking and bike riding but struggling to bring myself to do home strength workouts in my tiny rented room with only 2 bands. Barely even feel like touching them. I know there’s no motivational key, there’s just doing it. But I just can’t bring myself to push myself like I would in the gym in my tiny apartment room with no mirror etc.

32:36 – I wanna hear your opinion on this. Theres this perspective about this movement of at-home workouts being “fatphobic” from people who are part of the “anti-diet” and “bodylove” gang. Basically saying that these people working out at home are scared to get fat and it shows how “fatphobic” we are. So it’s a bad thing working out at home and posting videos. Obviously I find it ridiculous because how could you view someone making the effort to work out at home and posting it to help others get ideas as a bad thing? Perspective is everything and if that’s how they view it then there’s something inside of them they need to resolve. What do you think of this? And how do you see the fitness community posting these “at home workouts” ? I see it as a good thing and it’s cool to see the community come to the rescue basically to motivate others and help others to work out at home.

37:40 – I was listening to the podcast you did with a friend where you both talked about how you don’t deadlift from the floor anymore. Could you expand on that? I would love to have a trap bar or elevated platform, but wondering how I can make this work better for my low back. (dropping plates on plates seems a little rough)

41:30 – You say it is great to switch between lower and higher rep training. Is it possible to combine it in every training instead of doing a low and high rep day separate? Are there advantages of the split high and low rep days? And how much lower rep work should you do? As much as the higher rep work? Seems really taxing to me

48:03 – I am looking for your book recommendations.

51:00 – What’s your take on a greens drink vs a multivitamin? What are the differences in the two and are they not just doubling up on a lot of the micronutrients? Thanks

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