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Q&A – Weed and Body Comp, Determining MRV, Building Muscle in a Reverse Diet, and More…

Episode 297

Key Takeaways


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Show notes

2:20 – Testing MRV without prior history of volume in training?

20:15 – can you build muscle while reverse dieting from a hormonal standpoint? I know that you should lower the training impact but what if training stays the same, calories go up and the client feels better? Do also more advanced lifters can build muscle in this scenario or is it mostly fat gain, water retention and/or hormonal restoration?

28:45- My maintenance calories are around 2500, and I spent 12 months in a reverse diet. Im at 17% Still have between 5-10kg to lose. My question is after the show – would I need to do a gradual reverse to maintain a shredded but not stage lean physique? Or can I jump back to maintenance calories because it’s not a super long prep?

35:45 – I’m 21, 6’2 165lb and looking to build muscle as quick as possible. I’m currently aware of several studies that show greater insulin resistance when being in a caloric surplus for more than a few weeks. Would you recommend doing short bulks (1-2 weeks) with a few days of caloric deficit to reset insulin sensitivity and gain muscle faster?

40:15- I am 115 lbs and drink 2.5-3L. Usually water intake is based on half your weight in ounces but I have two questions: 1)can decaf herbal tea count as water intake? 2)if I am having a tough day/I am bored at work I usually drink more cups of black or caffeinated teas should I up my water intake on those days? I don’t drink coffee. 

Does it all just boil down to the pee test?

42:25 – How do you know when and what to change your macros to?

47:25 – What are the negative side effects of cannabis (if any) for an avid lifter?

52:50 – What do you do when you fall off your diet…? Drop cals next day, fast, etc… or just get back to normal?

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