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Q&A – All Things Nutrition

Episode 306

Key Takeaways


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Today we dive into ALL THINGS Nutrition!


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Show notes

10:30 – I’m 54, 6’ and 205. Would like to get down to 185 – most of that coming from my midsection. After listening to you for some time, I’ve split up my workouts to upper and lower on different days and added more sets. I was just doing a full body workout twice a week with only 1 set per exercise. I do cardio the day before and after the weight days then rest a day and start over. I’m losing about 1# per week and eating about 1800 cals. Here’s the problem. I started off really well, but now the third set is a struggle and I swear that I’m getting weaker each week. Not enough calories? Overtraining? What do you think? Thanks for all the great information you’re putting out there. It’s really helping me understand! 

22:00 – What’s better? To do lower macros with 2 refeed days a week or to do the same macros all 7 days if total calories end up being the same.

28:05 – Should I count collagen in my total protein for the day? I read somewhere that it wasn’t a complete protein.

30:25 – Nutrition guidelines and/or resources for night shift workers! Do you count a day or 24 hour eating period of macros in the same time frame? Midnight to midnight?

35:00- Is there ever a regular place for processed carbs like bread and pasta in a healthy person’s diet? Everyone advises against them but I’ve yet to really hear a concrete reason why.

38:10 – Does the quality of the processed carbs matter? I eat 3oz of organic rice pasta with a tablespoon of olive oil every day. It has only one ingredient (organic rice) so I don’t even think about it as processed food.

39:32 – Is it possible to gain weight and body fat % and working out 4-5 days a week lifting weights while not meeting the caloric budget, one day eating 100-150 calories over and another day 100-150 calories under

46:40 – Without testing blood sugar, how do you know when it’s a good idea to drop carbs & do an insulin reset?

50:10 – What are the symptoms of insulin resistance you can spot without testing blood sugar?

50:21 – What are your thoughts on going “all in” for hormonal health? What’s your perspective? At what point is it necessary?

54:33 – Is a ketogenic diet a fad? What is a Trainer to do when a client insists on following a ketogenic lifestyle?

58:55 – Is there a hormonal benefit when cycling your carbs/calories throughout the week (same overall calories) or is it just about the mental benefit? when would you implement it – in a cut or also when reverse dieting or bulking?

1:03:35 – Most people recommend small deficits/surplus etc. but when would you be aggressive and need to do big jumps regarding macros (up and down) (cutting, reverse dieting, gaining)

1:07:10 – Towards the end of a dieting phase I often experience hunger and cravings which is normal from being in a deficit and I understand leptin and ghrelin are big factors in that. Now how come after increasing calories to my new maintenance after a dieting phase do I feel like my hunger and cravings are actually worse? How long at maintenance does it take for these cravings to overeat surpass and these hormones to level out? Is there anything additional I can do to prevent these extreme cravings and hunger after my dieting phase?

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