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21 Program Design Hacks To End Training Boredom (Pt.1)

Episode 327

Key Takeaways


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Today, we’re going to spice up your training! The reality of evidence based training, is that progressive overload leads to success. So whatever route you take to accomplish that, you’re going to see success. However, even though many of the “hacks” I’ll share today are NOT science based or proven to work by research… they will indirectly improve your success in the gym. Because an average program with linear progressions… well… can be boring as hell, to say the least. So use these hacks, get motivated to train, and get excited to GRIND in the gym again! THAT is what leads to results.

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Show notes

11:15 – WORK TO 3RM, THEN 1-2 DROP SETS OF 8-12 REPS

15:53 – 1-6 CONTRAST SETS

19:50 – Pyramid Training (Light – Heavy)

22:20 – Reverse Pyramid Training (Heavy – Light)

24:14 – Strength Wave Loading – 3/2/1 Or 5/3/1

26:58 – Hypertrophy Wave Loading – 7/5/3 or 8/6/4

30:25 – Weekly Undulated Straight Sets

36:33 – Strength Circuit

43:17 – EMOM’s. – Every minute on the minute

48:15 – Sadiv Sets (12 Min EDT)

52:40 – Cluster Sets

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