Christopher Barakat & William Grazione:

Coaching Roundtable with Christopher Barakat and William Grazione

Episode 299

Today is another Coaching Roundtable where I sit down with two other established coaches and discuss various common (and misunderstood) topics that arise inside the training and nutrition coaching space.

In this episode we have Christopher Barakat; Bodybuilder, Prep Coach, Owner of Competitive Breed, and Graduate of the Exercise and Nutritional Science Masters Program at University of Tampa, as well as a currently teaching professor and published scientist in the Human Performance Lab. We also have William Grazione; Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Coach, Bachelors of Exercise Science, and owner of Metabolic Evolution.

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  • Opinions on the volume research that has been published in the last 1-2 years (is more really always better?)


  • Effort and intent… how important is mind muscle connection, the individual’s effort inside of each rep, focus, etc. Does it matter or is it all about volume?


  • Training to failure – is there a time for it? Or should we avoid it completely?


  • Program hopping… how long should someone stick to the same movements? And does this change between compounds vs. accessory lifts?



  • Changes in training during a fat loss vs. a hypertrophy phase? And what’s the transition look like between one phase to the next?



  • Defining nutritional periodization in the aesthetic world (what’s the meaning, to you, but also the application inside your coaching)


  • Thoughts on the current state of reverse dieting and metabolic adaptation (these two things have blown up, some great info and some horrid info – what’s your take?)


  • Ultra high carb diets… great for retaining muscle mass on a cut and for building new tissue in off season? Or a hormonal crash course?


  • When and how to add refeeds and diet breaks


  • Applying the research (what to know, look out for, and consider before taking a study and implementing it without reason)


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