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Q&A – Sustaining A Low Body Fat %, How Long To Stick With A Program, Personal Development, and More…

Episode 274

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Show notes

5:00 – How did you diet during your injury? How should macros be adjusted after an injury?

14:25 – How to train and eat when stress is high?

21:10 – How to sustain lower body fat levels after achieving an impressive physique?

29:05 – best certs for trainer/coaches?

34:15 – What are your top 3 best books for personal development?

40:15 – Top 5 carb sources for body comp & are they different for performance?

43:40 – how long it takes to go from 20 to 18% bodyfat in women and what’s the best number to be at?

46:20 – why do pitchers and QB’s have dad bods?

47:00 – how often should workouts be adjusted?

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