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Al Kavadlo – “Mastering Calisthenics”

Episode 193

One of the Calisthenic Kings is in the house today!! Al Kavadlo, a legend when it comes to bodyweight training stopped by to talk shop about his story and the keys to successful bodyweight mastery. Check Al’s YouTube or Instagram out for tons of content on Calisthenics or to find more info on his books.




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Show notes

(4:31) – Al Kovadlo’s Background

(11:08) – What do you do with your coaching and workshops now? And was this your overall plan from the beginning?

(13:50) – What all is included in your courses?

(18:36) – What’s the biggest limiting factor, holding people back, with calisthenics?

(28:15) – What is your measurement for progressions? Do you have quality control on that?

(29:55) – How do you program? How do you spice up variation?

(37:00) – How old are you and your brother? Is bodyweight training more optimal for your joint health?

(40:40) – What is your thoughts with the idea that you “can’t build muscle with body weight training?”

(43:11) – For those who DO train with weights, how do you recommend putting calisthenics and body weight work into their programming?

(44:55) – What do you guys do for conditioning? Fat loss?

(47:00) – Tell me about some of your books

(50:55) – Do you have any daily ritual or morning routine? Any practices that you use to motivate you, keep a strong mind, eliminate self-doubt, and keep pushing forward?

(54:40) – Tell me more about your tattoos

(57:25) – What is your master plan for Al Kovadlo?

(1:00:00) If You Could Be At A Dinner Table With Any 3 People From History, Dead or Alive, Who Would It Be and Why?

(1:02:00) – Where is the best place to find your material and information about you?

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