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Episode 503

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Show notes


5:35 – For powerlifting. Throughout a year how many weeks or cycles should one step away from training specifically for strength And do some bodybuilding style or at least powerbuilding style training?

11:25 – How much do macros matter outside of protein and calories? Could one Track Just these two and be successful Or do fats and carbs really need tracked to and if so why?

13:30 – What are some Fitness and nutrition modifications for pregnancy and postpartum?

20:55 – I would like a podcast on your thoughts regarding what is the most efficient way to progress your training. The RP team seems to favor adding sets each week and the others, like Eric Helms, favor adding reps or weight instead and to stay within your RIR of 1-2 reps from failure. In the latter, what tips can you provide to know your close enough to failure/working hard enough to grow muscle?

31:10 – I heard Eric Helms say on a podcast that if you add a rep and you get closer to failure then you’re not actually progressing because you’re supposed to stay within the same 1-2 RIR every workout. If that is the case then how do you know when to add another rep? I have always progressed my training by trying to add a rep each week until I hit the top of my rep range on all sets but sometimes that does result in getting closer to failure. I don’t want to be hurting my muscle growth by increasing too fast and not giving my muscle time to adapt and grow so how will I know it’s time to try for that next rep? Do I need to wait until all the reps in the set feel the same/no longer challenging?

37:00 – My client who counts macros suddenly got nauseous at the thought of protein powder. She was using it once a day. I helped her figure out ways to hit her protein with real foods. She quickly lost 5 pounds. (Her protein powder didn’t contain creatine). Thoughts?

41:25 – Special nutrition considerations for those going through menopause or perimenopause? Do you approach things differently?

42:15 – What is your checklist for addressing Digestive issues as you start to increase calories inside of a reverse. (Less regular bowel movements, feeling of food sitting in stomach,etc.)

49:15- When focusing on recomp … are you looking at maintenance calories or more lean bulking?

52:45 – How long do you stay at maintenance? When do you know when to adjust macros at maintenance and what ones do you adjust?

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