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Q&A – Getting Skinny Fat, Plateau Breaking Strategies, My Favorite Musician, and More…

Episode 230

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Friday Q&A Session!! It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve done one and as you’ll hear in today’s episode, I was fired up to be back on the mic answering YOUR questions.


– If you are following a 4-day upper/lower split like Functional Muscle but your schedule only allows for 3 days that week what do you do?

– Where do you draw the line on safely adding weight when you’re working around old injuries? (Double hernia a few years back). Do you recommend staying around 85% 1RM & work on adding reps/sets vs. adding weight? Are there any negatives with not continually adding weight to your lifts. I’m currently squatting 225 & BB deadlifting 275. Thanks!

– Any advice for cutting body fat/weight (it’s been a stressful couple months) pre ACL surgery?

– If we’re supposed to have 1g per lb. of protein, how much of that does our body absorb?

– Weight loss plateaus… what to do?

– Long term sustainable weight loss vs. fast cutting weight loss?

– Can under eating for your training result in “skinny fat”?

– How do I know if I am on a maintenance cal or my metabolism just slowed down?

– Any tip on holiday weight gain, maybe some strategies both mentally but also science/data-ish?

– What does a good morning routine look like?

– Who is your favorite musician of all time?


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