Truth About Food Sensitivity Tests, My Most Painful Tattoo, Ideal Rest Periods, and More…

Episode 566

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Show notes


7:35 – What is an effective amount of time between sets? I always find myself looking for a new song, or answering a text and boom, 5 minutes has passed. Is there an amount of time too short or long to take between sets?

16:55 – Salt used to get a bad rap. But now, it’s said to be good to incorporate salt into your meals, especially pre-workout meals. Can you explain why it’s beneficial and what is does for your body?

26:35 – There’s a lot of talk in the health world right now about gut health. At what point should a person worry about their gut health? Also kind of related to that: do you think that food sensitivity tests are accurate? Does eliminating those foods that you are sensitive to detrimental to weight loss?

35:35 – How do you help a client deal with body dysmorphia?

45:00 – Effective ways to eat and train with higher levels of cortisol/blood sugar issues

52:15 – What is your most painful tattoo?


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