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Q&A – Reaching Your Genetic Potential, Carb Cycling, and Macronutrient Talk

Episode 323

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Show notes

2:40 –  I am 5’2” and started off around 98lbs. Since increasing my macros and adjusting my training, I am now sitting around 102-103. The goal is to get me up to around 110 so that I can cut at a healthy weight and get my calories high enough to do so with the goal of ultimately competing in a bikini show in the spring of 2020. 110 seems like a lot of weight! What are your thoughts on this?

8:40 – I have been counting macros for a little over a year and love it. It has brought me so much freedom and enjoyment to my fitness journey. I am very very active I spin quite a few days a week and strength train several days as well. I weigh about 108-110 and am 5’4. My question would be in regards to daily calorie intake I currently intake about 1500-1650 and my macros are roughly 45% protein 30% carb and 25% fat? Does this sound good for maintenance or should I increase? Which macro would be the best to increase?

13:55 – Can you discuss a natural lifters genetic potential for gaining muscle?

19:15. -What’s your take on carb cycling. Generally speaking. Is there any real validity to it for women who aren’t working towards anything specific. Just fat loss and more muscle tone.

26:35. – Best advice for tips on trying to lift heavy without having a spotter. Trying to push the last few reps while lifting solo in the gym gets difficult with certain lifts like squats & bench. I feel like I have 2-3 more in the tank, but I have to back off vs getting stuck in the hole.

29:20 – When you go to maintenance from a deficit do you ease into it like a reverse diet? Or do you go straight to maintenance without delay?

33:30 – When implementing a 48 hour refeed, should I continue to exercise as I would normally?

36:20 – Do you have any advice on transitioning from being with a coach to not having one and how to maintain a sort of “self accountability”?

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