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Cody McBroom:

Importance of Training Volume, Programming Cardio, Applying Science-Based Methods, and More…

Episode 254

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Functional Intensity Training

Full Upper Body Training Session (Workout Explained) – VIDEO

Training Volume Study – Shows as volume increases, so does hypertrophy

Low vs. High Volume Training for Hypertrophy (Study) – Shows higher volumes w/ lighter loads promotes the same hypertrophy as low volumes w/ heavier loads, without as much total fatigue.

Volume Landmarks – Renaissance Periodization (Free blog/guide)

Menno’s Review on Extreme Volumes – Again, more evidence as to why volume = growth. HOWEVER he highlights, really well, that your recover-ability MUST be exceptional to handle this.

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Show notes

6:05 – Our new video series

19:59 – My Thoughts On Training Volume (is it really that important?)

33:31 – How to program cardio in for the most effective results

42:38 – My favorite training program to follow in the last year

45:01 – If You Do A cut for a holiday and then eat intuitively, would you jump right back into the cut or stay at maintenance?

46:14 – How long would it take see change with a new set of Macros?

48:53 – Is that anything you suggest a coach do for all clients?

43:08 – Why would someone do Sumo deadlifts vs Regular stance>?

53:36 – Is it okay to track macros while pregnant?

55:41 – Should I bulk or cut if I am 165lbs at 15% Body Fat?

57:46 – If you could do only 1 exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be?

58:41 – I have reversed from 1900 to 2600 calories per day without gaining weight. When Should I Maintain?

59:51 – What is the importance of stretching on long-term health with strength training?

1:01:46- How much fructose is too much? Daily fruit recommendations

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BOOM BOOM-Fall2018_0360

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