“Dangers” of Red Meat, Net Carbs, and Muscle Growth for Diabetics

Episode 480

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Show notes

0:45 – Tailored Coaching Mentorship Announcement

9:30 – Does it make sense to do an aggressive mini cut to lean out a bit and lose a bit of fat, gained on holiday? If so, would you just drop calories aggressively and then follow up with a fast reverse – so jump back to higher calories, or pick a slower approach?

13:30- At what point do you think it’s necessary to squat and deadlift using knee braces and/or a weight belt?

19:25 – Recently MFP added a feature that allows you to track net carbs. This sparked a conversation between me and my husband. He says he only tracks net carbs when in a deficit because it allows him to eat more because he would technically have those extra carb calories. So then he’s not as hungry. Thoughts on this and should I be doing this?

23:10 – Do you have experience working with Type 1 Diabetics on muscle gain and nutrition? And if so, any solid tips or tricks on how to build muscle but keep blood sugars in the optimal range.

28:00 – Why do some diet breaks increase or adjust just one macro, while others increase more than one macro?

30:25 – Circadian rhythms effect on muscle building and fat loss?

34:50 – What would you say are the benefits of red meat and potential negatives of red meat?

39:40 – What are your thoughts on females over 40 staying at maintenance calories to build muscle instead of a surplus, or at very most a small enough surplus to only gain about 1/2 lb a month?

42:00 – I’m trying to gain muscle and am using your 4 day split program. however, I don’t have much time to complete it in one session. So I’ve been doing bouts of 10-15min throughout the day to finish the whole session. I want to ask if doing it that way (scattered throughout the day) will have any detrimental/less effective instead of continuously knocking it all out in one session?

44:30 – I am at the end of my cut and was supposed to be starting to reverse back up, training for a powerlifting meet in Oct. Well, now I’m stuck on the couch with a torn meniscus, waiting to see the surgeon. What would be the best nutrition/macros for me to do now?

48:15- Do you have thoughts on Greg Doucette?

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