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Episode 531

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Show notes


10:50 – What are your thoughts on weight lifting straps to help grip strength with deadlifts, especially for those with the hands the size of a small child and one of which was broken in 9 places a few years ago?  Also top exercises for improving grip strength.

16:53 – Do you think doing Crossfit can help you achieve body composition goals? Overall I don’t think so because it’s too high intensity mixed with cardio and not really muscle building focused like bodybuilding. Of course it comes down to nutrition as well, especially when you see more elite athletes but they could be taking other things lol so what are your thoughts?

24:30 – Where does a reverse diet fall into when it comes to the seasons of nutrition periodization?

31:15 – If my goal is just fat loss? can I just count calories and protein? How important is the fat and carbs ratio?

35:50 – How come it’s so hard to lose the last 5 lbs from your target weight? My pre-pregnancy weight was 128 lbs and the closer I get to this target, the slower and the harder it is to lose! Thankfully I have Coach Lisa to help me stay motivated while cutting! But I wonder what’s the scientific basis for this challenge.

40:50 – On my Lower body dynamic effort day I am doing Box Squat, BB Stiff leg RDL, and then BB Hip Thrust. I just put a 25 pound weight on each side and do all three exercises with the same weight. Not sure if this is a good idea or not?

44:21 – On the Mixed modal and aerobic conditioning days, I like to wear running shoes, but the other days I wear shoes meant for weight lifting…… What are the best running shoes and weightlifting shoes for everyday in your opinion? Thank you! I love your programming and your podcast!

49:30 – Some PT’s state that training program memberships don’t work, because everyone needs an individualized program, not a program written for a lot of people. What are your thoughts? I’m thinking about this, because I don’t particularly like the programming my trainer does at the gym and I can’t/won’t invest in a coach right now.

55:15 – What is the best certification/place to learn from?

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