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Q&A – Metabolic Flexibility, CNS Effect of CrossFit vs. Bodybuilding, Auditing Your Life, and More…

Episode 203


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Show notes

Friday Q&A that is JAM packed! Topics including:

(20:55) – Reestablishing a fitness routine after a vacation, illness, or down time?

(25:15) – Bone Broth and Collagen. What is all the hype about?

(27:40) – Ankle Mobility Ideas?

(30:10) – Booty Goal – Better to lift heavy or more reps?

(31:40) – Anything one can do to promote better liver function?

(33:15) – How does one decrease inflammation?

(34:15) – What makes Crossfit/HIIT so inflammatory vs bodybuilding exercises? Are they both just as taxing on the body?

(39:32) – What are your favorite exercises or stretches to do during computer sitting breaks at work?

(41:25) – You are only allowed to listen to 6 artists while you trip in your lifetime. Who do you pick?

(48:14) How and when to adjust your training if you’re sleeping bad?

(49:54) Recommended fiber intakes?

(51:21) What are your go to parasympathetic inputs for when you’re cutting, stressed or in need of extra recovery?

(54:34) – Metabolic Flexibility. How to increase your ability to be more balanced with this?

(59:03) – When tracking macros, if one day you are under or over, do you tell your clients to make up for it the next day so their weekly average hits targets or do you say start from scratch?

(1:00:00) – Your favorite/best ways to bring down cortisol post training?

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