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Q&A: Nutritional Adjustments For Menopause, Cortisol Issues and Fasting, Building Muscle in a Deficit, and More…

Episode 200

Celebrating my 200th episode with a Q&A!!! This number snuck up on me and I want to thank you all for subscribing and continuing to learn with me on this show!


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Show notes

(3:35) – “Things don’t happen to you, They happen for you”

(10:35) – Fasting with Cortisol issues

(14:10) – Why a calorie surplus is needed to gain muscle

(18:40) – The Position I played in soccer.

(19:04) – Can you still build your glutes while not in a caloric surplus by adding frequency and volume?

(26:40) – When weighting food, Do you weigh before or after its cooked?

(28:30) – Do nutrition adjustments change when women go through menopause?

(36:45) – Say you burn 154 calories from cardio, Do you add that back to your calories or just focus on the macro target for the day?

(39:39) – How to structure macros when sidelined due to injury or surgery?

(44:10) – How to structure a training week with CrossFit and Functional Muscle?

(50:20) – Random Personality Questions…

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