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Q&A – Fruit Intake Limit, Yohimbine, Building “Competitive Physique” Abs, and More…

Episode 268

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Show notes

6:13 – What I know about Yohimbine and when I would recommend it

17:56 – Do you believe in any trackers for HRV? If so, what ones?

25:20 – Are some people just bad sleepers or can all sleep be corrected/point to a deficiency in recovery?

29:10 – What do we do after week 8 of FIT? Deload? Back to typical stuff? How do we keep up the cardio progression?

35:36 – How do physique competitors work on their abs?

37:50 – What are your top 5 most effective progressive overload ab movements? How often would you do them?

41:40 – I am a 5 ft. 108 lb. cycling instructor (2-3 one hr. classes) in a cut, and while I prioritize weight training 5-6 times a week, can I simply add more cardio to lean out instead of cutting macros?

44:44 – How do you break cardio-aholics obsession with cardio?

46:56 – Does additional accessory work have to be done at the end of a workout or can it be done throughout the day like mobility work? Also does the accessory work have to be paired with the same muscle group as your main compound lift for maximum results?

50:45 – Tips on minimizing brain fog during a cut

52:35 – Best success story you have with a client

55:37 – Do you set a limit on daily fruit intake with clients when in a fat loss phase? How much fruit would be considered to much in a day in relation to overall carbs for the day and compared to carbs coming from starchy sources like sweet potatoes or rice? Also does this change if someone is in a maintenance or lean gains phase?

59:55 – Can you please talk more about lean gaining especially for women? The surplus is supposed to be really small. Do you still feel like it’s difficult to eat this much food or you don’t really notice these extra 100cals? How much muscle can a female expect to add per month and how much extra fat when lean gaining? If someone is a small female who actually maintains her weight at 18 calories x bodyweight does she even need any surplus at all to add muscle?

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