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Q&A – My Knee Rehab, Body Dysmorphia, Full Body vs. Splits, Refeeds, and More…

Episode 247

🔥🔥🔥Q&A!!! I go rapid-fire style today and crank through your questions one by one, providing A TON of value and content for you.

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Show notes

3:30 – Can you share some of your workouts during your knee injury?

14:47 – How to have a positive mindset around fat/weight gain when in a gaining/bulking phase? I’ve never truly “bulked” because I’m too afraid to gain weight and like being lean.

18:13 – What’s your daily diet look like?

22:22 – How long does it take to recover your HPA axis dysfunction?

24:45 – I really suck at setting and sticking to goals, especially in business and health. Any tips?

28:40 – Thoughts on glucose disposal agents?

31:05- Tips to improve ankle mobility? Struggled w/ lack of flexibility my whole life?

36:15 – Is starvation mode a real thing? Some coaches say it’s a myth. What’s your take on this?

39:10 – Can you discuss around a caloric deficit being too small to encourage fat loss? I have heard it mentioned before that if the initial deficit isn’t large enough the body can adapt without losing fat.

41:50 – If one were cutting for vacation, would you reverse out a bit prior to leaving for vacation? I assume just jumping from a deficit to a possible week of splurging wouldn’t be the best idea and would cause accelerated fat gain.

43:43 – After a mini cut, do you do a refeed or do you go back to your previous diet.

46:39 – Do you always recommend a refeed meal when you reverse diet people?

46:58 – Getting started as a personal trainer… what’re your top 5 tips?

50:18 – Can you build muscle on a full body program? I feel like some people say it’s the best because the oldies did it and others swear it’s the worst. Where do you stand?

54:14 – Favorite Cheat Meal?

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