Sam Miller

Simplifying Hormones w/ Sam Miller

Episode 204

I brought Sam Miller on the show today because he is a guru when it comes to all things hormones. We touched on Cortisol, Tesosterone, and a little bit of Insulin. We dove deep and provided EVERYTHING you actually need to know when it comes to these hormones and how they effect both your body composition and your performance.

Check out Sam at https://www.oraclefitness.com/ or on instagram at @sammillerscience


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Show notes

(4:45) – Sam’s background

(5:45) – What Are The Most Common Hormonal Things You See With Both Men And Woman?

(7:20) – What Is Cortisol?

(10:05) – Because Of Spike In Cortisol, Do You Recommend People Train In The Morning?

(12:50) – Is There Any Studies That Show People Having More Sensitivity To Cortisol Or Levels When Training At A Certain Time Of Day?

(14:50) – Do You Have Any Tips For People So They Can Understand If They May Have Cortisol Levels Out Of Whack Or Spiking At The Wrong Time?

(19:17) – Are You Familiar With Any Research That Says Meal Time Has Any Effect On Cortisol Levels?

(21:20) – How Can You Optimize Cortisol Levels Around Training? How Do Carbs Have An Influence On Your Cortisol? Intro Workout Carbs?

(29:00) – Strategy For Crossfit Athletes, Since They Are Ramping Up Cortisol, Adrenaline, And Nervous System During Workout?

(32:50) – Breathing Drills Post Workout To Mitigate Cortisol Levels

(34:35) – What Do People Actually Need To Know About Cortisol?

(38:00) – Where Is Society At With Testosterone? Why Is It Better To Have Higher Testosterone As A Man?

(40:15) – Where Is The Range For Where Testosterone Should Be At?

(43:35) – Should You Be Looking At Biofeedback? If Listeners Do Go Get A Test, What Do You Recommend People Look At?

(46:45) – What Is Your Stance On TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)? Did You Have To Go That Route With Your Injury?

(53:30) – What Are Some Things To Look At If You Did Test Low On Testosterone?

(55:50) – What Is A Realistic Approach To Fix Your Testosterone Through Herbs And Nutrition?

(1:00:35) – Do You Need To Balance And Improve Cortisol In Order To Improve Testosterone?

(1:04:40) – Do You Place More Importance On The Amount Of Fats Per Day Or The Type Of Fats Your Clients Are Consuming To Improve Testosterone? And Which Is More Important, Overall Calories Or Fat Intake?

(1:08:10) – How Important Is Insulin When It Comes To Hormonal Balance, Testosterone, And Cortisol?

(1:10:30) – What Can The Average Person Do Or What Basic Habits Can They Build To Improve Insulin Sensitivity?

(1:13:30) – You Are At A Dinner Table With 3 Empty Seats, You Can Pick 3 People To Sit With You, Alive Or Dead, Who Would You Pick?

(1:15:10) – Where Can The Viewers Find You And All Of Your Work?

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