Fit For Success

Episode 553
Nick Shaw has helped build one of the largest fitness educational companies in the space and has a team of individuals who are beyond impressive academically speaking. Based on his life, his struggles, and his success, he wrote a very fitting book: Fit For Success
We dive into what it’s all about, today!
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Show notes


1:14 – Intro

3:50 – Who is Nick Shaw

6:45 – How did co founding RP come about?

10:35 – How did RP name was formed

13:05 – Foundation of Rp with coaching and education

16:20 – Why Nick wrote “Fit for success”

21:33 – Explaining the pyramid

27:50 – Taking action and having your back against the wall

37:15 – Being Process oriented vs outcome oriented

38:56 – Work, Life, Balance.

42:05 – Importance of Longevity Mindset

48:00 – One main reason you should read “fit for success”

52:25 -You are on a plane for 15 hour flight. You can choose any 2 people to be in the seats next to you to talk about anything you want. They can be dead or alive but can’t be friends or family. Who are you choosing?

54:15 – Where to find Nick and all of his content

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