Kelsie Michelle – “Look Like A Model, Lift Like A Powerlifter”

Episode 215

Today’s guest is my good friend Kelsie Michelle. Kelsie is an online coach and powerlifter, defying the myth behind women lifting heavy and NOT achieving a feminine physique. During this episode we dive into her story as well as the methods inside her training for unlocking a model body, while developing performance like a powerlifter.

Find her on instagram at @kelsiemichelle_


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Show notes

(11:34) – Background and Story

(14:39) – What lessons have you learned from training?

(17:29) – Building independence as a female entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast.

(19:44) – What is your educational background?

(22:39) – At what point did powerlifting, from an educational side, become the focus?

(25:44) – How do you bridge the gap between powerlifting and aesthetics?

(27:19) – How do your clients, who haven’t powerlifted, body’s respond when you implement heavy lifting?

(28:09) – What is your favorite split for yourself and for your clients?

(29:57) – How often are you rotating exercises inside your programming?

(34:37) – When you’re adding in all of this stuff to your programs, do you change the finisher depending on their gender?

(35:54) – If someone comes to you that isn’t a powerlifter, do you still program based on performance?

(36:59) – With clients, do you prescribe anything other than training? Cardio?

(40:49) – How do you approach nutrition in a sustainable way?

(43:39) – What’s going on inside your business? What is in store for the future?

(46:44) – You Are Dinner Table With 3 Empty Seats, You Can Pick 3 People To Sit With You, Alive Or Dead, Who Would You Pick?

(50:21) – How can listeners find you and find your content?

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