Nutrition For Powerlifting vs. Endurance, Breaking Plateaus, and More

Episode 390
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Show notes

15:45 –  I’d Love to hear your thoughts on nutrition/macro counting for endurance athletes. Do the ratio differ for endurance vs powerlifting? I’m a marathoner (7) and Ironman 2x finisher. Off season right now, so I’m incorporating strength and weights. Trying to lean out now since I’ll need to be at maintenance for my next marathon cycle. Thank you for all the information

33:10 – Why can I only do 90lb squats with proper form, but I can also do 90lb split squats? I feel since split squats are single legs, I shouldn’t be able to do as much. Or that I should be able to do a heavier squat.

35:35 – When you’ve got a client in a deficit and their body composition is changing but their weight isn’t what could be the next step to have the scale start moving? I don’t want to put them in a crazy deficit because I know that will only hurt them in the long run

39:05 – What are some signs or symptoms someone might see that would indicate they should get their hormones (estrogen, testosterone) tested?

45:50 – Upper/lower vs anterior/posterior splits: When would you recommend each?

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