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Troubleshooting Clients, Best Compound Lift, Cheat Days, & More…

Episode 277

Key Takeaways


Jeff Nippard’s Superfood Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMmUc8NpC7k


BBP’s Superfood Article - https://tailoredcoachingmethod.com/superfoods/


My interview with Stan Efferding - https://youtu.be/Fv-dYUBPa98

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Show notes

3:05 – Salt/iodine’s effect on the thyroid (Some say avoid it, some say consume it…)

9:45 – With the importance of eating Whole Foods, should you be consuming daily fruit whole or is frozen fruit in a smoothie ok?

13:15- How to fast safely? Is there a way to do it without negatively impacting hormones?

19:08 – What does your process of auditing your life through journal-ling look like?

23:10 – You talk a lot about getting greens in but can other colored veggies be included as greens like cauliflower, peppers, root vegetables etc? Mama said eat your veggies but are greens the best and only way?

25:45 – I do eat a lot of cauliflower especially to add volume to stir fry and smoothies. it can make me a bit gassy and gives me soft stools but I don’t really feel uncomfortable. But is this considered digestive distress and ultimately bad for me?

27:50 – You have a client that hits their macros, works out consistently several times a week, sleeps well, and always has lots of energy. The scale is refusing to move at all. What advice would you give your client?

33:20 – Thinking about getting into podcasting, what advice do you have for me?

37:05- Best exercise suggestions for office employees sitting & typing all day?

39:55 – What are some good ways to deal with a work out modifications when healing a broken bone? Also, is it advisable to continue working my non-injured arm? Also any suggestions nutrition wise for a quicker recovery!

45:05 – How long does it take for muscle tissue to break down when someone goes from working out hard (CrossFit) 5x a week to being almost completely inactive due to a major back injury? And on the other end, after 2-3 months of almost no exercise, would the minimal effective dose of working out change? Could they see body recomposition from just 2 days a week of lifting and 1 day a week of low impact cardio?

48:45- If you’re in a reverse or building phase, is it bad to have once-a-week cheat meals? If you eat way over your fats for one meal, is it ok to eat less fats for a few days to balance it out OR is it better to go right back to eating your normal fat macros OR is it better to just not do cheat meals that frequent since you’re already in a slight surplus during the week?

51:50 – If you find maintenance calories but want to add more muscle without getting fluffy what is safe amount of calories to increase and typically which macros

55:50 – Workout nutrient timing

1:02:15 – Client Case study: my review

1:08:15 – Favorite compound lift and why? Name your favorite Lil Wayne & Kanye West albums

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