Jeff Alberts – The Godfather of Natural Bodybuilding

Episode 209

Jeff Alberts of 3DMJ comes on the show to talk about coaching natural bodybuilders, balancing fitness and family life, how to stay in the gym for multiple decades (successfully), what and what not to worry about when it comes to training and nutrition, and so much more… You can find Jeff on instagram @3dmj_godfather or at https://3dmusclejourney.com/

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Show notes

(4:05) – Who is Jeff Albert?

(4:53) – How old were you and how did you get started in training?

(6:15) – At what point did training turn into competing?

(7:19) – Was there ever a time you were confronted or influenced by drugs?

(8:45) – How did natural bodybuilding become the center of 3DMJ?

(11:05) – What is 3DMJ now? What do you guys do?

(12:25) – What are some things that you’ve learned over the years about longevity in the gym?

(14:05) – What mistakes have you learned and ran into that have taught you about longevity in the gym?

(16:00) – What is Mike Mentzer HIIT Training?

(17:10) – Why is it that most 40+year old bodybuilders seem to be more shredded?

(18:20) – How do you convince people to stick with body building? How do you talk with the younger generation of bodybuilders?

(21:05) – What metrics do you record and track regularly?

(25:41) – Is it necessary to progress on everything in order to get visual progress?

(26:35) – What is your take on the importance of the mind muscle connection?

(28:25) – Just doing more volume, is not actually always doing more volume…

(29:31) – You seem to have a very simplistic approach with training. Is there a rhyme or reason for that?

(31:40) – What does your training split look like right now? How long do you stick with one program? What do you recommend to your athletes?

(34:30) – How do you know when to switch up your program or parts about your program? How do you determine this with your athletes?

(35:22) – What is your take on periodization? Do you need to worry about it as a bodybuilder?

(37:17) – Are you staying in one certain rep range?

(39:10) – How do you approach nutrition?

(41:48) – Where do you stand with flexible dieting? How much Bro science do you implement and how much validity is there to that?

(43:35) – How do you sustain flexibility, competing, and your family life?

(48:25) – Do you think having failures or doing the wrong way is good in order to gain knowledge to help people?

(50:30) – How often do you periodize dieting? Do you let athletes do back to back preps, Do you let them diet down for a special event, etc…

(53:20) – What advice would you give other coaches?

(55:50) – You Are Dinner Table With 3 Empty Seats, You Can Pick 3 People To Sit With You, Dead Or Alive, Who Would You Pick?

(57:14) – Where can the listeners find you and your content?

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