Physique Development

Physique Development Roundtable Pt. 2

Episode 393

Today we have a coaching roundtable with myself and the entire physique development crew!

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Show notes

2:22 – I was wondering if it’s possible to build muscle with a program that is 5 days a week: legs, upper body, conditioning day, back and chest, full body. It is circuit training but it does focus on hypertrophy & progressive overload. But I was wondering about the split. Is every muscle worked enough to really build muscle? I love the program, I look forward to doing the workouts and I know that’s important as well but of course I want to also get some results. Oh, I should mention I workout from home. I have a decent amount of weights, a barbell etc… but I am also limited, e.g. I do not have the room for a squat rack. So I will never be able to go up as high in weight as I would in a gym that has a rack. Cable machines are being replaced with resistance bands, which is great but I can’t possibly know if I’m doing a lat pulldown for example with a band how much weight I am pulling and to progressively overload from there. Am I wasting my time to get the results I want (“lean out”, build muscle)?

18:45 – I have been in a strength gaining phase for the past 2 months. I have seen some good gains but I am getting a little uncomfortable weight wise and would like to do a mini cut. For reference I am a 5’7” female, and doing carb cycling as I’ve found it works best with my hunger levels and PCOS. On my leg days my macros are 150p, 235c and 70f (3 days/wk) . On the rest of the days I’m at 150p, 180c and 80f. At the end of my cut 3 months ago I was 142 but am currently 148 so I think my weight has increased too quickly. Would 150p, 145c and 70f be acceptable for like 4ish weeks to cut back down? would i then reverse back up or jump straight to my new maintenance after cutting down some?

29:10 – How can I even out my body? My right side is about 1-2 inches bigger through arms and legs.

34:55- Favorite book as a group on nutrition and fitness?

44:35 – What’s something each of you have changed your mind about in the past year or so and why?

57:50 – Can chronic insomnia/sleep issues cause more fat gain (not only due to increased hunger)?

Thanks for listening!

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