The Repeated Bout Effect (Is Muscle Damage A Good Thing…?)

What is the repeated bout effect? The repeated bout effect (RBE) occurs when a single bout of unfamiliar eccentrically based exercise gives protection against muscle damage from a subsequent session of similar activity. A good example is when you squat for the first time. Squatting has a large eccentric movement that causes muscle damage. The […]
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What Happens If You Eat Too Much Protein? (More Protein = More Fat Loss…)

What is Protein Overfeeding? Protein overfeeding, commonly known as over-eating protein to the everyday individual, is using protein as the main or sole component of a surplus in calories. This is usually done when trying to gain muscle. It became popular after a few studies were published by Dr. Jose Antonio showing that high protein […]
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Keto: The Best or The Worst Diet For Fat Loss?

A recent study showed that keto doesn’t work like many people once thought it did… But before any Ketogenic readers see this and bash me with hate mail, keep reading. Here’s the study breakdown: → 2 groups of men → Both groups used the same resistance training program → Both groups were in a hyperenergetic […]
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How Low Can You Take Your Calories?

People want to lose weight as fast as possible, but at some point it becomes counterproductive to continually lower your calories. Once you identify a diet you enjoy ⸻whether it be low-fat or low-carb or somewhere between, the hardest part is sticking to it for long periods because adherence is the main indicator of weight […]
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