Nutrition Periodization (The Revised and Simplified Guide)

Nutrition periodization is something that I’ve been passionate about teaching for a long time now. Partly because I’m just a geek when it comes to diet research… but also because it was something missing from the general coaching space. We see periodization inside sport, olympic lifting, powerlifting, and sometimes in advanced bodybuilding. But what about […]
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July Research Roundup

Each month I will cover a few of the top research articles on nutrition, training, sleep, supplements, and anything else that might help you. If you’d like me to cover a specific study next month send me a message on Instagram.   Study #1  Title: Increased weight loading reduces body weight and body fat in obese […]
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50 Science-Backed Anti-Aging Strategies For Life Pt.2

There are 4 key parts of health and longevity promotion and today we are discussing Hormones and Aesthetics as well as Lifestyle and MindsetIn last week’s blog we spoke about the things you can do from a movement, training and recovery perspective in order to support healthy aging, as well as from a nutritional perspective. […]
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50 Science-Backed Anti-Aging Strategies For Life

Aging healthy, happy and with grace. Isn’t that what everybody wants? Many people think that having more pain and illnesses, gaining body fat and losing all your muscle is inevitable when growing older. But numerous people and studies have proven that, even if nobody can stop nature from going its natural course, some people age […]
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