Two-A-Day Training: Is More Better? Or Destructive?

Training twice per day, also known as two-a-days, stems from the idea that more is better. For athletes, two-a-days are common because it helps them focus on strength and conditioning separately from sport skills. For example, most collegiate athletes will workout with their strength coach in the morning, then attend a team practice in the […]
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How To Get 6-Pack Abs (3-Step Guide To A Shredded Core)

How To Get 6-Pack Abs When it comes to achieving a 6-pack… the best strategy is overly simplistic and massively frustrating. It goes something like this: 1. Calorie Deficit. 2. Calorie Deficit. 3. Calorie Deficit. 4. Calorie Deficit. 5. TRAIN YOUR ABS. But as annoyingly-simplistic as that advice is, it’s pretty damn true. You NEED […]
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Training Volume: How Many Sets Per Week is Enough?

The Volume Landmarks The optimal amount of volume is going to be somewhere between the maximum adaptive volume and the maximum recoverable volume. These two terms are 2 of 4 that have allowed us to assess and prescribe amounts of training volume inside programming for different individuals. These terms are: MV = Maintenance Volume The […]
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How Sore Should You Be After A Workout?

Many people question whether or not getting sore after a workout (training session) is a good thing. Many people also argue about whether or not you should continue to get sore as you progress in the gym, becoming more and more experience (i.e. more years under your belt). Well, the truth is, like most thing […]
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