The Most Important Amino Acid & How To Optimize Your Meals With It (Leucine Threshold)

The Importance Of Leucine Threshold For Building and Retaining Lean Body Mass   Leucine threshold. A topic many people, even in the fitness space are unaware of, but everybody should pay attention to.  Leucine as an amino acid, is often solely known as a supplement, but little understood in regards to its role for building […]
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Diet Breaks: Defined and Applied

Today we are going to talk about how you can maximize the effectiveness of your diet and keep the weight off!  Let’s first think about how a deficit is created: Energy intake is decreased. Energy output is increased. Energy restriction is accompanied by changes in circulating hormones, mitochondrial efficiency, and energy expenditure that serve to […]
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Training To Failure (Yes or No?) and New Year Resolutions (How To Not Fail) – February Research Review

*Note from Brandon: if you want to learn how to interpret research go read each study before reading the breakdown below, take notes, then compare your interpretation to mine.  [Rather listen to this Research Review? No problem, use the player below or tune in where-ever podcasts are available!] Study #1  Title: Effect of resistance training […]
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What Are The Health Benefits To Eating Organ Meat?

Food fads come and go. An acai bowl one year, hemp hearts the next. Superfoods are promoted all the time and while most of these foods have merits, there’s one that stands above the rest.  This super-super-food has been eaten by people since ancient times. I’m talking about organ meat – liver, kidney and heart […]
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