Everything You Need To Know About Carb-Cycling

Following a diet can be hard – psychologically, physiologically, and physically. Meaning, the diet is just going to wear down at your body, it will wear down at your mind and body’s operating and hormonal systems as well. While the definition of a diet is primarily defined as the restriction of calories, in this context […]
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CASE STUDY CLIENT [Breaking The Diet-Rebound Cycle]

Goodbye All-or-nothing Mindset, Hello sustainable Weight Loss! Maybe you can relate – You are great at losing weight when there is a short term goal or a particular incentive? But unfortunately you are also great at gaining the same weight back (and some more)? You feel like you are your own worst enemy, stuck in […]
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Blue Light Blockers (Benefit or BS?) and Trainings Effect on Sleep: Research Roundup w/ Dr. Brandon Roberts

Each month I will cover two research articles on nutrition, training, sleep, supplements, or anything else that might help you. If you’d like me to cover a specific study next month send me a message on Instagram.   *Note from Brandon: if you want to learn how to interpret research go read each study before reading […]
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How To Individualize Your Nutrition Plan (8 Ways To Tailor Your Diet)

To Individualize what you do, is not only the most optimal way to see results; I believe it’s the future of fitness and nutrition. I think it’s why coaches like myself, Jason Phillips, Dr. John Rusin, Christian Thibaudeau, and many other great friends (coaches) of mine in the industry are growing at an exponential rate. […]
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