Performance Bodybuilding (Training For Aesthetics and Athletics)

I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to write training programs for a decent list of WWE and AEW Wrestling Superstars. Chad Gable, Bayley (female champ), Otis, Aaron Solow, and Cash Wheeler. During this time, I’ve built a specific training method that I believe is the perfect blend of moving and performing like an athlete, but […]
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September Research Roundup (Alcohol & Fat Loss/Performance, Intermittent Fasting)

Each month I will cover two research articles on nutrition, training, sleep, supplements, or anything else that might help you. If you’d like me to cover a specific study next month send me a message on Instagram.   *Author’s note: if you want to learn how to interpret research go read each study before reading the […]
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Yoga For Meatheads (Should Weightlifters Do Yoga?)

Many guys (and even gals) who are into strength training switch off when they hear the four letter word – YOGA They tend to associate super skinny, hypermobile people, chanting and a bunch of tree-hugging vegans with it. But little do they know  that there are many different styles of Yoga and you can really […]
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The Definitive Guide To Thyroid Health

With the increasing popularity of the topic ‘hormones’ the thyroid gland has also received more and more attention. Many people who have a hormonal problem have a compromised thyroid and vice versa. A very large percentage of people with thyroid issues are not even aware of it, when actually symptoms are as prevalent as inability […]
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