[Daily Dose] Eliminate These 2 Things In Order To Get Better Results

January 11, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

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Eliminate These 2 Things In Order To Get Better Results

There are TWO very specific things that most of us let get in the way of our success…

1. Anxiety (in other words, the fear of the unknown).

2. Uncontrollable Events (ANYTHING we don’t determine or control).

This leads to lack of action, due to scarcity…

And the blame game, pointing the finger at a bunch of shit that’s out of our control and apparently “holding us back”…


Which is why today I’m just going to tell you something real simple… yet unbelievably effective (if you actually do it).

Eliminate them both.

Realize that what is out of your control, will likely never BE IN your control.

And I promise you it’s not stopping you from getting where you want to be,

At worst, it’s making it more inconvenient. But guess what? Success, and getting results, isn’t ever convenient anyway.

That’s why it’s hard to achieve.

That’s why not everyone is absolutely crushing it.

But I know that you are here reading this right now, because you want to crush it.

You want to win.

You want the results.

Which I love.

But you’re going to have to do what I’m asking you to do here, if you expect to get there.

You have to stop fearing the unknown, because the unknown isn’t always bad. It’s only scary because you don’t know what to expect!

It’s why you procrastinate for sooooooo damn long, out of fear… only to realize once you actually jump in and do it, that it wasn’t that bad after all.

Know the feeling?

I’m sure you do. We all do.

That’s the case 99% of the time.

And the 1% of the time you fail or it was scary or it doesn’t go so well….

You learn a valuable lesson on how to win next time, while also eliminating the chance of later on feeling regret for never trying ____ (which is far more painful than failure, trust me).

Just remember… next time you feel anxiety, which will likely stem from the fact that you’re unaware of the outcome ahead of you, your anxiety is your excitement.

I mean think about it…

I get anxiety when I’m going to speak in front of hundreds of people, but it’s because I fucking love it and have always wanted to do it. It’s excitement, disguised as anxiety.

You get anxiety when you have a meeting with your boss or when you’re asking someone out on a first date or when you’re starting a new venture or when you’re sharing your fitness journey publicly…

ALL positive things with potentially amazing outcomes.

So you get worked up and you think it’s anxiety, but really… It’s just excitement.

The same idea applies to the uncontrollable.

You THINK it’s stopping you from achieving your goals.

It’s not. It’s just making things a little more inconvenient.

But maybe not even that!

Nonetheless, it’s a speed bump – not a roadblock.

Now, your job here is simple…

Set reminders, journal this daily, use affirmations… do whatever you gotta do in order to ELIMINATE ANXIETY and IGNORE THE UNCONTROLLABLE.

It’s the only path to seeing the results you want.

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