[Daily Dose] They’re Tools, Not Time Machines!

February 18, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

They’re Tools, Not Time Machines!

“Tools and time machines…?

What the hell are you talking about dude?”

I’m talking about nutrition.

I had a great phone call with one of my coaches this week (I talk to all of my coaches individually, almost every week – which is how we’re all so aligned and constantly grow together).

We talked about a bunch of different topics, however there was one thing, Nutrition related, that stood out to me from the call…

We talked about nutrition strategies as tools, not magic.

See, every single method, modality, strategy, or system we could think of or have used with REAL clients – was a tool.

Not a single one of them was a time machine.

And yeah you might say, “Duh Dude… Time machines aren’t real.”

And I’d say, “Duh Dude… It’s a metaphor.”

Just because I’m punny like that.

But here’s the real point you need to understand from this:

There’s no direct solution or “trick” that’s going to bring you right to your destination (result).

Rather, there are TOOLS that you need to work hard with, adhere to consistently, and build into YOUR OWN lifestyle in order for it to teach you something you can use long term as a sustainable method for fat loss (or muscle growth).


Intermittent fasting.


Elimination diet.


Meal plans.


The list goes on…

Tools, not time machines.

In fact, I’ve used many of these on a single client throughout a 3 month period of time, simultaneously.


Because different times, situations, events, and plateaus call for different tools in order to break through and continue seeing progress.

And WHEN, WHAT or HOW you use these… “depends” (my favorite answer).

Because everyone and every situation is different – which is the beauty of nutrition, it’s ever-changing and evolving.

But the big kicker or take home message for you today, is to simply think of things as tools.

If you look at these as tools and not time machines, you become less dogmatic and more pragmatic.

And if you can accomplish that, you WIN.

Because now you begin to see the big picture, plan for the big picture, and execute properly for the big picture.

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