[Daily Dose] The Greats and YOU… Are the same.

March 7, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

The Greats and YOU… Are the same.

Here’s some crazy facts for you, to show and prove to you that you can literally do ANYTHING you want to do in life…

Sylvester Stallone wrote the screenplay for Rocky in three and a half days, after watching the championship match between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner in 1975.

He was nobody.

Just a sports fan with a cool idea, that he jotted down on paper over the course of a weekend.

Then got turned down over and over again to produce it.

But he still made it happen.

Then played the lead role in it and directed it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a mischievous kid who had a poor relationship with his militant like father, who was put into a boot camp and then served 1 year in the Austrian army (minimum service allowed).

He snuck out to compete in bodybuilding with a dream to move to America, even though people mocked him, laughed at him, and he couldn’t speak english for shit.

But still he ended up becoming history’s most successful and well known bodybuilders, a hollywood movie start (debatably the biggest action star ever), created a fitness program for children with disabilities that went nationwide, became a high end complex real estate owner/investor, hosts the largest fitness competition in the world, and eventually he governor.

All from a starting place of being broke, foreign, and “laughably” ambition.

Kevin Hart was born in a rough part of Philadelphia and had a difficult childhood as his father was a drug addict and spent most of his time during Kevin’s childhood in jail. 

Not only did his childhood start him at the bottom and in a very unmotivated and unsupportive place, but he actually struggled to make it in Hollywood with his comedy and movies. There’s talks of him being a joke and once again, like Arnold – overly ambitious.

Now he’s the rockstar of comedy, selling out bigger stadiums than any other comedian in history – more than many famous music artists, even.

Oprah was raised in poverty by a teenager, molested as a child, to become pregnant at 14 and lose the baby to early infancy/birth… I could go on. She didn’t have it easy but made more of herself than most of the people in the world.

Seinfeld was a mediocre, at best, comedian and had an idea to make a show about “nothing”… which later became history’s greatest and most profitable sitcom, EVER. Also started a new category of television shows and made him the wealthiest comedian to date.

Do I need to continue with the stories and history lessons…?

And this doesn’t even touch on influential figures in history who aren’t famous stars!!

But the point of it all is very simple…

These people who you see as amazing, talented, super-stars with God-given talents…

Well, they were really just normal people with normal talents.

They just decided to master their crafts and develop those little talents into world-class talents over a long period of time.

They didn’t allow themselves to be just another mediocre person on earth.

They wanted more, so they went after it.

And you can too.


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