[Daily Dose] Redirect Your Impatience.

February 21, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

Redirect Your Impatience.

My daughter is about to turn 4 next month and she has this crazy inability to listen at times.

And it’s nothing abnormal, to be honest. She’s 4. Most 4 year olds do this.

But sometimes it blows my mind because it’s almost as if she literally cannot help it.

Like some outside gravitational force is causing her to not listen, without her consent or control…

For example;

There have been countless times that I will say to not throw something…

And she stares at me and does it anyway!

But the wild part is that she’ll literally try to not throw it…

I can see her trembling at the attempt to be a good girl and avoid disobeying…

But she can’t fight her urge and her body begins to act against her mind…

And then… she tosses it!

Usually it’s in a pathetic-half-ass-throw kind of way, because she’s literally trying not to but it happens anyway.

But it’s mind blowing (and I promise this has a point).

Well, this got me thinking about our impatience as human beings and especially for results with fitness and nutrition.

There’s times where we cannot help but choose the quick fix route, despite KNOWING it’s not the right path.

Our all-or-nothing mentality kicks in and we do the things we said we wouldn’t do, that are destructive at times and unsustainable all the time, despite KNOWING the slow and sustainable approach is better.

And it’s because we’re impatient as fuck.

That’s the reality.

And until you become more patient with this, permanent fat loss will never happen for you.

But despite me reminding you that committing even just 6 months to training and dieting, which to some people seems like a lifetime, is only less than 1% of your entire life here on earth…

You just won’t accept it and you’ll continue giving in to the cheap, quick, bullshit 30-day challenges and cleanses (amongst other bullshit fads in the space).

So how do I help you shift to a more patient mindset, then? 


I won’t try to get you to eliminate your impatience, because I know you’re human and it’s just how we work – shit, I’M IMPATIENT AF. So I get it.

So instead, I’ll redirect it.

See, I shifted my impatience about a decade ago when I got into this industry…

I stopped being impatient with the result and started being impatient with taking action.

I’m quick to get started, but patient to finish.

But that’s choosing the better evil.

Even when the fast path looks more appealing…

Because maybe you’ll spend less money and it’ll take less time… shit, maybe you’ll even drop the first few pounds quicker!

But none of that matters in 6 months when you’re heavier than you were when you started.

And if you would’ve chosen the more sustainable path, which does require more time and therefore likely more money, you would be leaner than you’ve ever been in just 6 months time, instead.

Oh and let’s not forget that it would last YEARS AND YEARS longer than going the short route would allow for…

Last but not least, don’t forget that 6 months is literally less than 1% of your total life on earth as a human.


I know, it’s pretty crazy to think of it like this…

But that’s what I wanted for you today.

I wanted you to understand the power patience can have.

And also to understand that your impatience is never going to go away, so instead of trying to eliminate it – redirect it towards taking action.

Because there will ALWAYS be things to take action on, even in the slower-more sustainable path.

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