[Daily Dose] The Gardener.

January 26, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

2 Min Read

The Gardener.

What does a gardener and a champion have in common?

A Prolific Sense of Gratitude.

Now first, let me define how to be a prolific person:

You produce.



Present in large numbers.


So a prolific sense of ______, simply means you’re producing ______ in large numbers.

In this case, gratitude.

But even more specifically, the LITERARY sense of the gardener is the FIGURATIVE sense of the champion.

See a gardener walks around smelling the roses all day long.

It’s what allows the gardener to continue planting more seeds, because they have an ongoing appreciation for the plants they’ve already planted.

A champion does this too.

However, their roses aren’t literally plants…

It’s the trophies.

It’s their team.

It’s their tenacity and work ethic.

It’s their opportunities.

It’s their struggles (aka lessons).

It’s their passion.

It’s their environment.

And because they stop and appreciate all that they already have, they continue to have more and more of it.

They don’t stop to focus on the negative bullshit around them.

Because like everyone else, they do have it in their life as well. So yes, it’s not always easy.

But champions make a conscious effort to ignore that and prioritize their focus on the positive things around them.

The things that allow MORE growth for them.

Just like the gardener, who also see’s dead plants and weeds growing around the beautiful roses they planted.

What do they do?

Wipe away the weeds and continue watering the roses.

And that’s the lesson for you today.

Stop focusing on all the bullshit that brings you down.


Your garden of life will always have weeds in it.

Only looking at them will change your perspective to a negative one that does NOT see opportunity, but rather see’s conflict, doubt, fear, scarcity, and excuses.

While instead, looking at the roses, your perspective will change to a positive one that DOES see opportunities, belief, faith, possibilities, paths, and purpose.

Success is a choice…

And it starts with gratitude.

Stop and smell the roses, so you have more roses to smell.

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