[Daily Dose] Be You, Everyone Else Is Taken.

January 16, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

2 Min Read

Be You, Everyone Else Is Taken.

I’m here to tell you that God put you here for a reason.

There’s a purpose to your life.

There’s something inside YOU that is different from everyone else.

Your fingerprint matters.

And the story you tell through the days of your life, isn’t meant to be boring, mediocre, and dry.

It’s meant to be exciting, exceptional, and progressive. PERIOD.

But only you can CHOOSE for that to be true.

Because it’s natural for us to take it easy, slow down, and seek comfort.

While very rare to push hard, speed up, and step into discomfort.

Yet that’s what’s required to write the best story of all…

So for today’s Daily Dose, I’m just bringing you this short, straightforward, and simple insight that will hopefully push you to push harder and be your most authentic self, 24-7.

You will not be fulfilled doing ANYTHING or achieving ANYTHING if you’re not able to also be YOU.

You will not have drive, a sense of purpose, or motivation to do the work, if you don’t at least consider the legacy you’ll leave behind you when your days are done.

Your life truly is a story and you’re the main character…

Every day is a new page and every stage is a new section of your book…

Write something worth reading.

Because the pages of your book are limited and every page is written in ink…

So you have to tell your story right, because this is your only shot.

Leaving this daily dose, I want you to sit with your journal and honestly answer yourself this question:

Are you writing the story the way you want to be told when it’s read?

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