Nick Love

nutrition coach

Who Am I?

My name is Nick Love. I was born and currently reside in Miles City, MT with my wife, Ashlee, and two dogs, Theo and Sebastian.  I also own a CrossFit gym with my twin brother, James.  My immediate family lives here too, so I get to see them nearly every day!

My journey into fitness and nutrition started at a young age.  I was a fat kid growing up and I didn’t have a male role model in my family, so I really looked to childhood heroes like Rocky Balboa, Arnold as well as my favorite athletes for inspiration.  This led me to sports and I fell in love with football and the training involved with it.  I became addicted to seeing the physical changes that were happening to my body as a result of training.  I developed a passion for learning everything I could to improve myself and putting that knowledge to use through a lot of hard work.

I had a football coach who was extremely influential in my life and it was likely the great relationship that I had with him that drew me towards coaching.  This coach made such a big impact on my life and I wanted to be that person for others.  Once I found my path, I went full steam ahead into my education at Montana State University, certifications and a lot of hands-on experience to chase my dreams.  To this day, I wake up every day trying to be a better version of myself and coach to others.

How did you get involved with TCM?

I was first introduced to Cody through the Boom Boom Performance Podcast.  He was getting some heavy hitters in the fitness industry on as guests, and I really vibed with his philosophies and his personality.  I kept up with all the content he put out over the years and one day, he posted on Instagram that he was going to be taking on new interns and I jumped at the opportunity.  I went through the internship process, learned a ton and here I am!

What do you do within TCM?

After someone works with me, I want them to feel genuinely cared for and that they can put their full trust in me.  I want them to feel like they have autonomy in their journey.  My coaching style is very process oriented and I try to guide each client towards building habits that they can utilize in perfect conditions, but also when life throws you a curveball.  Finally, I want our approach to be sustainable so we can achieve their goals and maintain them long term.

What's the impact you're trying to make?

I am trying to impact the clients I work with by showing that fitness and nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated, scary or unsustainable.  I want to show them how they can utilize fitness and nutrition to make every part of their life better.  I want to help my clients experience achievement and fulfillment by developing a love for the process and having fun along the way!

Favorite part about what you do?

I can’t choose one favorite part about what I do.  I experience them every day.  Whether it’s seeing someone have a breakthrough with their nutrition habits, reach a milestone in their weight loss, hitting a PR, having a lightbulb moment with a certain movement that they’ve struggled with, or any of the small victories I have the privilege of witnessing on a daily basis.  I am overflowing with pride when I get to be a part of helping others experience moments like that.

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