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Cody McBroom:

Reverse Dieting (All You Need To Know)

Episode 342

Today, I get into the weeds… I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Reverse Dieting. Some of it may even shock you, because to be honest – reverse dieting isn’t always a smart idea or helpful to your success. It’s only applicable to some individuals and oftentimes people have the wrong idea about reverse dieting as a whole; they make false claims, create unrealistic expectations and outcomes, and don’t educate people on the truth about reverse dieting.

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Show notes

6:09  – What is reverse dieting

7:15- What are you starting from?

12:38 – Reverse Diet or Recovery Diet?

15:10 – Add protein first if you’re new

16:58 – Get fats to minimal effective dose if they’re beneath maintenance level

21:27 – Slowly build carbs every 1-2 weeks, until reaching maintenance

26:16 – Why the scale increases during a reverse diet

29:50 – Hyper responders and WHY they’re hyper responders

32:25 – Final thoughts

Thanks for listening!

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BOOM BOOM-Fall2018_0360

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