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Q&A – Are Food Sensitivity Tests All Hype, is Adrenal Fatigue a Myth, and The F#ck It Diet Mentality 🔥

Episode 249

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Ton’s of awesome questions asked by you, this week!


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Show notes

5:23 – Thoughts on IGG food sensitivity tests? I know an elimination diet is more affective in figuring out food issues when it comes to digestive and skin reactions. However what about slow body inflammation? I have read mixed reviews on IGG tests and with the hefty costs I would love your thoughts.

13:41 – Does creatine cause headaches? I have attempted to use creatine twice now and the second/third day I got horrible headaches. I was drinking enough water throughout the day… wondering if it was the brand or if you have heard about this with clients.

16:50 – Rotating probiotics quarterly. I just heard about the importance of switching your probiotics on a quarterly basis. Have you heard much about this? If so what brands do you use?

21:11 – HIIT finishers. If you don’t have time to do them post lifting sessions can you do them later in the day?

28:52 – Your opinion on the systematic review by Cadegiana, F.A., & Kater, regarding adrenal fatigue?

33:56 – If you have a big meal planned later in the day (thanksgiving, big family dinner, date night, etc.) will having a hard workout beforehand cause your body to metabolize the meal faster?

39:17 – How do you approach clients who use exercise to mitigate their anxiety? When they’re running into the ground and suggesting to back off doesn’t work, where do you go next?

43:00 – Tools to combat the 100% perfect or fuck it mentality with dieting and training?

48:50 – Typically how long does someone reverse diet before being able to lose weight? It’s been 2 years of continuously gaining weight despite all my efforts. Is there a way out of this?

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