Dr. James Hoffman of Renaissance Periodization – “Recovery 101″

Episode 213

This is one of my favorite episodes to date! Dr. James Hoffmann of RP came on the show to talk on Recovery and WOW did he drop some knowledge. Himself and some others from Renaissance Periodization have created “The Recovery Book” (Grab a copy here) and today he came on the show to talk all things Recovery. We geeked out, which is why I loved the episode so much. You can check out all that they do at www.renaissanceperiodization.com or by heading over to @rpstrength on instagram.


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Show notes

(5:00) – How Did You Start Or Get Into RP (Renaissance Periodization)?

(7:04) – What Made RP Decide To Dig Into Recovery?

(11:00) – What Exactly Is Fatigue? What Signs And Symptoms Should Someone Look For To Know They Need To Focus On Recovery?

(15:12) – What Is Your Opinion On Over Training?

(22:25) – How Do You Find Where Your Volume Spectrum Is Personally? Do You See A Huge Variance In People?

(28:00) – How Do We Make Sure We Are Still Maintaining Muscle Everywhere Else, While Specializing In “Arms” For A Phase (For Exmample)?

(31:19) – If Someone Is Planning On Going Into A Mass Phase, Do You Guys Typically Recommend Muscle Specialization Or Just A Balanced Approach?

(34:07) – Hierarchy #1 – Breakdown Of Primary Recovery Hierarchy

(40:08) – Could You Define Passive Recovery And Explain Each Stage Of The Pyramid?

(47:12) – Do You Believe That You Can Still Quantify Relaxation With Having Stimulants From Light, Electronics, Etc?

(49:34) Hierarchy # 2 – Breakdown Of Active Recovery Hierarchy

(57:25) – Do You Find That Active Recovery Hierarchy Is More Intuitive?

(1:00:00) – Hierarchy #3 – Breakdown Of Nutrition Hierarchy For Recovery

(1:04:50) – Hierarchy #4 – Breakdown Of Therapeutic And Supplemental Hierarchy

(1:13:37) – Where Can Listeners Find You And Find Your Content?

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