[Daily Dose] Every detail matters.

March 23, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

Every detail matters.

I’m writing you from my hotel room, here in St. Louis, while I’m visiting the 1st Phorm Headquarters for a few days.

The amount of insights I’ve taken from this place in such a short period of time, has been absolutely insane.

But there’s one specific one I want to share with you today…


And attention to those details matters even more.

See, the saying “how you do one thing is how you do everything” is dead on…

Not in the literal sense, either.

Because how you literally do one thing may be far different than how you do something else, especially when any type of strategy or skill is involved.

But the EFFORT you put forward is universal.

And if you just don’t give a shit about one thing, you’re far more likely to be careless with the next thing.

Which is why some of the most successful people are completely anal about making their bed, folding their clothes, or brushing their teeth.

How they do ONE THING is how they do EVERYTHING.

Or in other words….

How they do SMALL THINGS influences how they do THE BIGGEST THINGS.

The guys 1st Phorm, they repeat this constantly…

But I didn’t truly realize how serious they all were until I got here.

Every DB is aligned perfectly with the weight numbers shown upright to easily read and MUST be put back that way, so they never change.

Plates on the racks and machines, same thing.

Cafeteria tables, wiped down and chairs pushed in when you’re done. So it ALWAYS looks organized.

I witnessed a regular employee wipe down the area around the sink, the faucet and the handles, once he was done using it.. Because water splashed onto those areas.

I mean, they literally told me they don’t have cleaners to come do this shit — because they all do it themselves.

Now, this is just cleaning up and staying tidy.

But this is how they treat shipments…

Notes to customers…

Email responses…


Greetings at the front door…


And I don’t just say this now because I’m biased, but this is how my team is as well.

This is why we partnered with 1st Phorm.

We focus on the details and we pay close attention to every last one, because we’re focused on excellence.

Which is NOT perfection….

It’s improvement, every single day.

But part of that is doing every single thing with the same level of attention, care, and effort.

So my insight to share with you and suggestion for you to take from this all is pretty simple…

If you want to be successful, get the best results, or simply be fulfilled with your everyday life…

Pay attention to the details and stop half assing the simple tasks in your life.

Take them as seriously as the biggest tasks and put your greatest effort forward every single day.

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