[Daily Dose] You should love how you look!

January 7, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

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You should love how you look!

If you don’t know what copywriting is, it’s the art of words – in a sense.

It’s this right here. Words that promote, market, sell, inspire, or whatever else.

In the traditional sense, it’s simply advertising through written word.

And the reason I’m telling you this is because one of the key factors in making your copywriting effective, is being able to get the reader to FEEL their pain and struggle.

It’s how they latch on when you provide them with the solution to their problem.

When I started studying the art of copywriting, I started to really understand this idea of getting people to feel pain.

I started to realize just how influential pain and struggle actually was, in order to get people to make positive changes in their lives and in order to see better results.

I also learned a lot of this from Tony Robbins, who also promotes the idea of “seeking out your pain, in order to discover your pleasure” and it did WAY more for me than just improving my copywriting skills…

It showed me how to help people breakthrough their biggest plateaus and finally create change.

Because until you realize the pain and actually accept that it’s there, you’ll never have the willpower to breakthrough and see success.

Hear me out…

Without visualizing both THE PAIN you’re in and THE PLEASURE you seek, you will never create change.

There isn’t anything strong enough to push you in the direction of taking action, consistently, towards your goals.

Because taking action and DOING THE WORK… is uncomfortable as hell.

And you will not step into discomfort, and risk failure, unless you have a deep rooted pain you’re trying to get away from.

But knowing it isn’t enough, VISUALIZING it has to happen as well.

Let’s compare two examples of the same goal…

“I want to lose weight”


“I want to eliminate the feeling of hating my body.”

“And I’m tired of avoiding every family photo or worrying about what gets posted on instagram, just in case I hate the way I look in the picture.”

“I need to get to a place where I can look in the mirror and love what I see.”

…..see what I mean, now?

And the same applies to pleasure.

“I want to get lean.”


“I want to be lean enough to feel damn good and confident taking my clothes off in front of my spouse before we get in bed.”

“I want to be around friends and family so that they can see what I’ve achieved and I can be an inspiration to them.”

I could keep going…

But the point here is VERY simple.

YOU need to VISUALIZE both your PAIN and your PLEASURE.

I suggest you journal them both, in two separate lists.

Then compare your pains and pleasures, associated with your pains and pleasures.

See, the pleasure of having a lean body requires the pain of working out, meal prepping, tracking food, etc…

Shit you probably “don’t want to do” but you’re going to have to do.

But are those pains greater than the pains of hating your body, avoiding cameras and mirrors, and keeping your clothes on at all costs?


They’re not even a fraction of the pain.

Just like the pleasure of staying comfortable where you’re at, doesn’t come close to the pleasure of being in your dream body and feeling more confident than ever.

So… I suggest you bust out the journal and get to writing…

Discover your pains and pleasures, and then compare the two so you can finally break through and create the results you deserve.

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