[Daily Dose] You should love how you look!

January 14, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

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You should love how you look!

I saw a picture that was taken of me the other day… a picture that I didn’t know was being taken.

Have you ever had those moments?

Most of the people I talk to and help with our coaching, tell me they have had those moments.

But their moments are far different from how mine was here.

And I can relate, because once upon a time mine were far different as well.

See, I saw this picture and my first thought was, “Damn… I look fucking jacked!”

To be honest, I kind of feel weird sharing that with you because it sounds like a douche-bro-meat-head thing to say.

But let’s be real here, we should ALL be able to say that about a picture taken of us.

And I know damn well we all want to be able to!

I did, for a long time.

Before I started my fitness lifestyle journey, I was an unmotivated fat kid who had zero gym experience.

Then I became an adult and it got even worse.

So finally I got sick of it, because I decided to stare in the mirror and be totally transparent with myself.

I hated what I saw.

I hated how I felt.

I hated that I avoided taking pictures with people.

I hated that I constantly pulled my shirt down to make sure my stomach wasn’t hanging out.

I hated that I had the energy of an old man at the age of 18.

I hated that my joints already hurt.

I hated that I didn’t want to look in the mirror.

I hated that I intentionally skipped the doctor to avoid the scale.

I know, that’s a lot.

But that’s as real as it gets! And maybe you can relate, whether you’re going through that now or you were once upon a time, like me.

Either way, the point here is simple…

I saw this picture and noticed my traps poppin’ out of my collar, biceps stretching the arms of my shirt, chest pulling it tight… all the shit I’ve always wanted to see in myself.

And the feeling I got when seeing this picture… It was pride.

Pride in the hard work I’ve put in.

I also started to realize what is the biggest motivator for consistency…


Think about it… there is NOTHING more motivating and helpful in keeping you consistently doing the work, then seeing the results take form.

Yet people are constantly searching for some kind of hack to get things together…


You’ll win and when you win, you’ll want to win more!

Now… Let me bring it back in for you here.

The entire point of me writing this was not so you could hear how badass I felt seeing this picture.

That doesn’t serve you.

The thing I want you to take from it is that I was so far from this years ago.

Which means no matter where you’re at right now with your starting point, you can do this too.

Without a single doubt in my mind.

Because as cheesy as it is to say this, if I did it – you can too.

And you should do it because you deserve to see pictures of yourself and feel PRIDE, not EMBARRASSMENT.

You should WANT your pictures taken, not AVOID it at all costs.

God designed your body to be healthy, fit, resilient, and active.

Not sick, overweight, fragile, and lazy.

Harsh, I know.

But honestly… that’s the truth.

It’s the exact truth I told myself all those years ago.

And as much as it hurt me to say to myself… I needed to be honest with myself, accept where I was at, and acknowledge that I needed to create change, because that’s was the only way I was going to finally take action.

You are the same way.

Be honest.

Own it.

Take action.

Finally create change.

There’s never a good time, which makes now the best time ever.

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