[Daily Dose] WTF is President’s Day…?

February 22, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

WTF is President’s Day…?

Yesterday, one of my employees texted me asking if we had presidents’ day off…

I sent him the gif of Henry from the Goodfellas laughing hysterically in response.

Then said, “WTF is President’s Day…?”

We laughed and that was that, back to work.

Now, when reading that it makes me sound like a complete dick of a boss…

But let me paint the picture a little better and then explain to you why I’m even sharing this with you.

We’ve joked about entrepreneurs never taking a day off and only accepting Christmas Day itself as a holiday.

Add to that, the entire team is a family – so all of us have inside jokes and can poke fun at or with each other, without ever feeling like it’s coming from a negative space.

So they KNOW me and that allows me to say stuff like that without it being anything but a joke (especially since I know THEM so well, I knew it was a joke coming my way).

Which, without realizing it… is insight #1 for today!


And if you don’t, maybe they’re not a tribe…? And maybe you need to find or create one, because as humans we crave that unity.

Now, the REAL reason I’m sharing this with you is because nobody on my team asked about President’s Day.

Nobody tried to skip.

Nobody tried to take it off.

Nobody pushed their client check in’s out.

Shit, I went and got tattooed all day and you know what I did?

I worked on Sunday and then woke up at 5am, just like I did today as I’m writing this for you, to get work done before I drove out to the tattoo shop.

Then I proceeded to answer emails and do a Q&A on my IG, while getting tattooed.

OH! And by the owner of the shop who was there solo, because it was a holiday but he decided to work on me instead of taking it off…

“Ok, ok, ok, Cody… we get it. What’s your point here?”

My point is that none of us WANTED to take the day off.

It’s not that we couldn’t have or it wouldn’t have been allowed, it’s that we did not want to.

We wanted to work, MORE than we wanted to chill back and take a day off.

Which means that our passion for what we do outweighs our desire for comfort, laziness, or complacency.

And you want to know what?

That’s the key to results.

When you WANT to work MORE than you want to TAKE TIME OFF.

But I’m not just referring to business or your career, either.

In fact, I’m telling you this as a hint to help you finally achieve your ultimate physique goals.

Because the moment you begin to value health, fitness, and good nutrition, MORE than laziness, relaxation, and junk or convenience food…  


That’s when things click.

You’ll finally be able to fully embrace the process of your journey and get the results you want.

Everything You Need to Finally Hit Your Goals:

→ Customized Nutrition Plan
→ Tailored Workout Programs
→ Unlimited Access & Support


Our clients are 95% more likely to reach their goals than people attempting to do so on their own!

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