[Daily Dose] Win The Rest of 2022, By Doing This.

February 16, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

Win The Rest of 2022, By Doing This.

I think most people fail to reach their highest level of success because they don’t plan for it.

I’d even say that most of them don’t BELIEVE they can, so they fail to plan out how they will.

Make sense?

Feel that way personally?

I’m sure you do.

I know I have.

That’s why I’ve read books like “The Magic of Thinking Big” – it shows you how to do so, why it’s so important, and who has used it to become the most successful in their industry (all the greats, to give it away).

See, thinking big is part of achieving big.

If you can’t imagine it, you can’t create it.

But more specifically, if you can’t IMAGINE YOURSELF – in it, with it, doing it, owning it….

You’ll never find a way to achieve it.

And “finding a way”… well, that’s the most important part.

That’s the planning part I’m talking about here and that’s exactly what helped me accomplish so much in 2021 — and it’s what I’m planning to take advantage of this year, too.

I set out to achieve a lot of things and I can honestly say I accomplished them all but one.

And I’ll gladly take that 95% pass rate on success!

But what I did before the New Year (of 2021) even hit, was set out some specific intentions.

I gave the year a title. ONE word that was powerful and would set the tone for my entire year.

It was LEADER.

Then I set a specific target for where I wanted to be and WHO I wanted to become, by December 31st.

I can say that I accomplished both of those things, too.

But that was my “Impossible Game”…

This is the “I will have a visible 6-pack” or “I’ll be confidently rocking a bikini” or “I’ll be running the entire department at work” – type of goals I’m talking about here.

The ones you think about… would LOVE to have… but ultimately talk yourself out of because they seem impossible.

Yeah, those ones.

Set those targets right now.

And just know, 1 full year away is just too damn far for you to have true accountability, drive, discipline, and confidence for reaching that goal.

Which is why step 2 is to break it down into quarterly benchmarks.

It’s math.


If it’s a 40lb weight loss goal, that’s 10lbs per quarter.

If it’s $10k increase to your salary, that’s $2.5k per quarter.

If it’s a visible 6 pack, that’s 1.5 abs per quarter.

You get the point.

You break it down and then start with Q1.

For Q1, you have 90 days… 12 weeks… 3 months.

This is MUCH easier to comprehend and stay accountable to, with FULL determination and discipline, so that you can reach your goal.

Once you reach Q1’s goal – you reward yourself and move onto Q2, which is the 2nd benchmark towards your impossible game.

And when you get to Q2, that “impossible goal”…. doesn’t seem so impossible anymore.

See, this is how I plan out my year – EVERY year.

I already did it for 2022, too.

I have a goal set for my marriage, myself as a father, my business, and my body.

I spent 3 hours on this.



Because I care about myself, a lot.

I want the best for me.

And I know that if I’m going to truly achieve the best, I need a plan.

I also know, because I care about myself, that I deserve a well thought out plan so that I can achieve success.

For me, for my family, my team, and my members.

So…. to conclude this email… the thing I did in 2021 that allowed me to not be affected by the chaos in the world AND achieve all my goals:


Now, your homework is simple… I’m sure you can guess what it is, too.

  1. Write out your impossible game goal.
  2. Break that down into 4 benchmarks.
  3. Map out your Q1 target.
  4. Develop daily habits, routines, and actions to get there.
  5. Become ruthlessly committed to yourself and your results.

And yes, I know that we’re already halfway into the first quarter of the year.

But honestly, did you do this deep of work a month and a half ago, going into 2022?

There’s a high likelihood that you didn’t.

But that’s ok, we still have 10.5 months left to make shit happen.

And it’s THIS + ACTION that starts to create real results.

But remember, it’s not always easy to do this alone.

I don’t do it alone.

In fact, I’m writing this to you just a couple hours before a meeting with my coach/mentor.


I also brought on a trainer and a nutritionist going into this year, both of which I shared my goals with.

AND I shared them all with my wife before diving into them, too!


Because now I’m not only accountable to myself, but I am accountable to them.

And accountability is the glue that holds the plan and the actions together.

It’s what produces consistency. 


Go back, write down those questions, and find your answers.

Then, build a plan and take action – TODAY.

Stop waiting, the year will fly by if you don’t act now.

And last but not least, of course…

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