[Daily Dose] Why you hate Monday.

February 28, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

Why you hate Monday.

Hating Monday is a sign that you have a lack of clarity.

Or maybe a lack of direction.

Either way, you’re unclear on (or unhappy with) where you’re going.

At least in one area of your life.

If you hate your job, of course you will be dreading Monday.

But for some, that’s not something they can control. I get that.

So let’s talk about something we ALL can control…

Our body.

Our diet.

Our health.

Our strength.

Our composition.

Easy or hard… it’s controllable, by ALL of us.

And if you have no physical outcome or clear goal with your body, you won’t ever be excited to tackle the week.

Because you have no “mission” or “plan” that you can look forward to.

You really don’t have a checklist, a task at hand, or a challenge to approach as the week starts.

And as human’s, we need all of that in order to have a sense of urgency.

It’s how we thrive.

It IS the drive inside us that pushes us forward.

Without it, we go into “nothing”…. Sounds depressing, right?

But the reality is, that’s a choice.

Having “nothing” to step into, is a personal choice.

Just like having “something” to step into is, too.

So my goal with this Daily Dose is simple…

I just want to open your eyes to the sense of control you have over your life and the things accomplished within it.

Life is too short to be the same week after week.

We all have so much power in our hands and we can CHOOSE to become something more, every single day.

And that only sounds like a “rah rah motivational speech” to those of you who are non-believers

Those who believe in themselves and DO want more out of this life, will read that and say,

“Fuck yeah! Why not me?!”

Which is the right attitude.

And even if you rolled your eyes at first, remember… THAT TOO is a choice and you can CHOOSE to get motivated, set a goal, create clarity, and get fired up that it’s Monday (aka you still have another shot).

So look….

Stop dreading the day of the week that gives you a reboot.

Start seeing it for what it is; another new week to get better.

Stop looking at motivational rah rah talk and thinking, “yeah yeah, whatever… that’s corny.”

And start thinking of it as THE MINDSET OF WINNERS, because it is.

Stop waiting to set a goal for yourself.

Just set it, right now.

Stop making excuses.

You deserve more and you can choose to achieve more.

Happy Mother-Fucking Monday — My favorite day of the week.

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