[Daily Dose] “WHY NOT YOU….?”

January 3, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

2 Min Read


There’s something about being a human that innately slows you down or tries to stop you from taking action and becoming more successful…

It’s crazy to say that.

Actually, it’s twisted and sad.

Because we have ONE LIFE to live…

That’s it.

One body to live it in, too.

Which means we should be taking it all unbelievably seriously, so that we can make the most out of this one chance on earth that we have.

So what is this “thing” that innately slows you down…?

It’s your EMOTIONS vs. your LOGIC.

Plain and simple.

And your EMOTIONS are what slow you down or stop you from moving forward.

Because your emotions tell you it’ll be too hard… too scary… too complicated…

That you’re not good enough… strong enough… genetically gifted enough…

Blah blah blah…

But what about those athletes who make it to the top?

Those people who lose 100lbs and completely transform their body?

The CEO’s of massive companies that started from nothing?

The musicians who came from the slums and now are winning Grammys?

Are they not human beings, too?

They have the same emotions as you, the same doubts as you, the same concerns as you, and the same fucked up little voice in their heads telling them to stop, slow down, or that they can’t do it, too.

You want to know what separates them from the rest?

They chose logic over emotions.

They heard the emotional side talking, but ignored it.

They listed out the logical reasons why they could make it happen.

They researched all the other people who already made it happen.

They broke down the reality of it being possible.

And ultimately asked themselves, “WHY NOT ME?”

The truth that answers that question…

Is that there isn’t any logical reason why YOU can’t do it.

So whatever your goal is…

Whatever thing you’re chasing, that you consistently stop yourself from getting to because of the emotional stories created in your head…

Ignore those stories.

Lay down the facts about the situation.

Ask yourself WHY NOT YOU.

And start taking direct action towards your goal.

Because you absolutely CAN.

And this ain’t no fluffy pep talk to make you feel good about yourself and warm inside.

This is just REAL.

It’s the truth.

It’s YOUR truth.

The one you ignore and it’s my job to pull it out of you.

Now stop waiting and just go.

You deserve more.

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