[Daily Dose] Why I’m not losing any weight…

February 13, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

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Why I’m not losing any weight…

This is me being totally transparent…

And my nutrition coach is going to read this and roll his eyes, shake his head, then text me some kind of gif – I’m sure.

But the reality is, I’m on a cut and it’s like I’m on a hamster wheel.


And I really want it this time…

I want to get leaner, have my abs poppin, and be confident with my shirt off this summer.

Well, let me rephrase that…

I am confident with my shirt off, if I’m being totally honest.

But not because I’m where I want to be.

Just because I don’t care what others think.

I also recognize that HEALTHY isn’t shredded.

So me wanting to be shredded isn’t for a pursuit of improving my health, it’s somewhat to stroke my ego and prove to myself that I can.

Which I’m ok with.

However, this cut is not going well… and you want to know why?

It’s for the same reason a lot of our clients fail before they get to us, which is ironic… since I’ve given the advice to shift this, COUNTLESS times.

I’m living 100% on point, 90% of the time.

Instead of being 90% on point, 100% of the time.

See, the first route is pretty rigid.

It means Mon-Fri I’m BEYOND DIALED IN.

There are no errors happening.

But Saturday, I’m pretty damn loose with it.

Sunday I’m trying to play catch up, which is always hard after going off the deep end, and by Monday I’m backtracking and dialing back in only because it’s busy for me during the week, which makes it easy to diet.

But if I was just 90% on point, which is NOT rigid and is MORE flexible – but still close enough to 100% in order to see seriously great progress, 100% of the time….

I’d be crushing it.

I know it.

Because I’ve seen it countless times.

So this is me owning it, so I can shift asap.

But it’s also giving you the simple advice to NOT try and be 100% on point with your diet, because it will only be that on point 90% of the time AT BEST.

And that 10% of the time it’s not 100% on point…

That 10% sets you back, repeatedly week after week, because it’s enough time to really be off and over – trust me.

Nobody’s perfect, so live in the 90.

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