[Daily Dose] What is Body Positivity, Really…?

March 1, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

What is Body Positivity, Really…?

Body positivity…

This is an interesting topic.

It’s actually a pretty controversial topic, too.

And I’ve been asked COUNTLESS times about my thoughts on it, which I’ve openly expressed on the podcast as well as on my instagram.

But I recently saw one of my own coaches get semi-attacked by instagram trolls for sharing a before and after photo of a client of hers, who she’s SUPER proud of.

Now, we try to ignore trolls who are naysayers who oddly have enough time to comment negative things on people’s instagrams (instead of doing much more important things for themselves).

But let’s be real here, we’re human!

So it got to her and it’s gotten to me, too, when I get the same thing.

But I got real Pappa-Bear-Like when hearing about it because my team is my fam!

It led to a VERY productive conversation with my coach and I, though, and I want to share the main takeaway from it…

Body positivity SHOULD MEAN, because we cannot determine what the media makes it out to be, YOU taking CARE of your OWN body.

That means mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and physiologically.

And in general, the body positivity movement handles the emotional and mental part very well — I will admit that.

They preach how you should love your body, NO MATTER WHAT.

And you 100% should.

The human body is the most precious and valuable thing we possess, but it’s also the most fascinating and impressive thing on this planet!

I know for me, I realized this 10x more as I watched my wife grow with our child inside her and then give birth.

That is an unforgettable and unbelievable experience that forever changed how I look at not only the human body, but especially the female body.


When we talk about body positivity, how can we ignore giving your body the health it deserves?

And saying that someone is wrong for posting a before and after photo of a proud client who lost a ton of weight, improved health dramatically, increased confidence exponentially, and literally changed her life…

Well, saying that someone is wrong for congratulating someone on that is what is wrong.

That’s not putting ANYONE down, it’s BRINGING PEOPLE UP.

SHAMING others is wrong. Period. End of story.

No matter which way you spin it, it’s wrong.

But lifting someone up, by highlighting them publicly for what they achieved, is simply rewarding them for their hard work and keeping them even more accountable to maintain the amazing results they achieved.

Add to that, it inspires others who are just like them — that are struggling to figure out how to do the same OR believe they even can.

It’s proof for that person who needs it.

I don’t know about you… but that has body positivity written all over it.

So my point here is simple…

Body Positivity is a popular conversation right now and my opinion is just that, an opinion;

But I believe it should mean treating your body amazingly well in every way possible, because YOU and YOUR BODY deserve it.

You have one life, so love your body like it’s the only one you have.

And if you did that, I’m sure you’d feed it well, move it often, rest it regularly, and believe in it more.

It’s capable of amazing things and body positivity should highlight the expression of those things.

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