[Daily Dose] Watering Your Lawn While It’s Raining.

March 6, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

Watering Your Lawn While It’s Raining.

Have you ever heard this analogy?

Or even worse, mopping your floor while your roof is leaking.

Both paint a very clear image — one that makes no sense.

In one situation, you’re spending your time doing something that is not going to make any difference at all.

Why would you water the lawn if it just rained outside?

Or in the fitness world we say, taking BCAA’s when you’re hitting your protein intake already.

It’s pointless and just a waste of time or money.

In the other analogy, it flips it a little bit…

You’re mopping your floor but your roof is leaking, so the water ain’t going to stop any time soon.

Once again, wasting your time doing something that isn’t going to help.

But this time it’s because you’re ignoring the root cause.

Which brings me to the point of today and why I’m even walking you through these corny analogies right now.

What in YOUR life are you wasting your time, energy, or money on?

Maybe it’s because you’re too hopeful of it working…

Maybe it’s because you have prior loyalty to the person, product, or project…

Maybe it’s because it’s what you’re comfortable with…

Regardless, you’re NOT getting the results you want out of it — so it needs to change.


What in YOUR life are you trying to fix, while ignoring the root cause?

Maybe it’s a rotten apple (person) in your life that isn’t ever going to change…

Maybe it’s a diet or training program you enjoy, but just isn’t getting you anywhere…

Maybe it’s a gut issue or injury that’s not being fixed, because you’re not digging deep enough…

Regardless, once again… you’re NOT getting the results you desire out of it and it needs to change if you ever want to see those desired results.

See, the truth is… we all do this.

Quite often, actually.

But there are 2 types of you reading this.

Those who will read it, think it’s a good idea and appreciate my way of thinking here… but do absolutely nothing with it.

Then there are those of you who will read it and immediately bust out your journal to answer those questions and create some lists of what things in your life need to change asap.

And so, to wrap this up… all I have to say is this…

Be the type of person who does something about it.

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