[Daily Dose] Use Doubt As Fuel, Not Hydroxide.

February 8, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

2 Min Read

Use Doubt As Fuel, Not Hydroxide.

Do you know what hydroxide can do to your skin? Melt you away, into nothing.

That’s why you see assassins and psychopaths using it on murder mystery TV shows.

And I know… quite the intro.

But I needed to provide context to why the title of this Daily Dose is what it is.

Now, Fuel… I think we all know what fuel does.

For a car, it helps it get up and go. Start up. Charge up. Speed up. Period.

For our bodies, we can look at food as fuel — but also internal motivation to win, as well.

Now here’s the thing I want you to take away today…

When people doubt you…

When they tell you that you can’t…

When they focus on the reasons HOW NOT instead of HOW COME…

When they say it’ll be too hard for you…

When they see the obstacles and not the pathways…

They’re attempting to pump you full of ________ (insert fuel or hydroxide — your choice).

And trust me, sometimes the people doing this are FRIENDS or FAMILY!

They may not even be doing it on purpose; it’s subconsciously done by their own personal doubts and insecurities.

But one thing I learned a long time ago, when I was an overweight stoner who got shit grades, ate like shit, looked like shit, and treated my body like shit (aka never lifted a day in my life)…

People doubted me — and if I look back, they had every reason to.

But when I said I was quitting the poor lifestyle, going to lose weight, and become a trainer… it seemed like a joke to them all.

And I had 2 choices in those moments:

#1 – Tell myself they were right and continue doing what I was doing.

#2 – Tell myself I’d prove them wrong.

I chose option 2, obviously.

It became the chip on my shoulder that FUELED my success – both physically and financially, because I lost 50lbs and built a business that is now recognized as one of the top online coaching companies in the industry.

Which is why when you share your goals about losing weight (or whatever else)…

And you SHOULD share them, PUBLICLY and with those around you…

Let their doubt fuel you.

Let it supercharge your engine to succeed.

Because if you let it pull you down, you’ll never get where you’re supposed to be.

And yes, I said SUPPOSED to be.

Because your goals aren’t fantasy land, they’re your future reality.

They’re what you’re SUPPOSED to achieve – but only if YOU decide to achieve it.

And when you do, don’t rub it in their face…

Just be proud of yourself.

That alone will be felt.

But it’s felt in an inspiring way, instead of a way that makes people feel like shit.

And if YOU inspire someone who once DOUBTED you… that’s the ultimate victory.

Because now you’re proving them wrong twice.

Once with what you can achieve and once with what they can achieve on their own.

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