[Daily Dose] The gift is WITHIN the process…

February 15, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

The gift is WITHIN the process…

This week we’re hosting a coaching mastermind at the Tailored HQ.

8 men, all fitness and/or nutrition business owners, ready to grow.

They flew from all around the country for this 2-day event, to learn from myself and my partner Cody Smith.

During the first day, we were discussing goal setting in all areas of life – not just in business.

Part of this discussion was behind the mentality you must have when discussing these types of goals…

That mentality is the mentality of who you will become, not just what you will achieve.

It’s who you become from the journey to reach the outcome.

Who you need to become to sustain the results achieved.

What the habits are of that person you need to become.

The energy, attitude, actions, practices… EVERYTHING about the person you need to become or desire to become…

And we really hammer this one home because it’s the key to achieving more in life, honestly.

Seeking out an outcome is great, but it doesn’t allow you to fully LIVE in the process of getting there and rarely sets you up to sustain the success achieved because you’re not associating it with the person who owns that goal.

Make sense?

You cannot sustain _____ goal without becoming the person who does so.

Get it?

And one of the most God sent things happened as we were discussing this…

My grandmother, who rarely ever texts ANYONE ANYTHING, decides to text me while Cody Smith was going over his part of the talk.

It was a quote she said “She felt the need to share with me today”.

And it read,

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Pretty damn on point with our discussion, don’t you think…?

Kind of shook me, to be honest.

But it was powerful and really just solidified the point we were trying to make.

And that’s the point I want YOU to take away from today’s daily dose.

Set goals, they’re important.

But don’t just try and reach the goal…

BECOME the person who reaches and sustains that goal.

What is the physical stature of the person you want to be for the rest of your life?

How does that version of you eat, train, sleep, and care for their body?

Who is the husband or wife you want to be? Even if you’re not yet married… When you are, who is that individual?

Who is the parent you want to be? Who is the leader you want to be? Who is the coach or manager or sales person or delivery driver or police officer or WHATEVER… YOU want to BECOME?

When you truly think about this…

It will create a vivid vision of who you need to become, in order to accomplish your goals and live life at the standard you desire to live at.

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