[Daily Dose] Power List.

January 27, 2022
Written by Cody McBroom

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Power List.

One of the most SIMPLE things you can do to get more shit done and get closer to your goals, is to adopt the power list.

This is originally from Andy Frisella, CEO and Founder of 1st Phorm.

But I’ve been doing this for a long time.

Just never called it that.

I called it “The to-do list on my sticky note pad”…

I know, my name is whack as fuck compared to his.

So we’ll run with The Power List.

Anyway, it’s simple as hell – so this will be short.

Choose FIVE things you MUST DO today to get closer to your goals.

As you knock them out, check them off.

And at the end of the day, mark an X next to those you do not get done.

Then, write a YES in green or blue at the bottom of your list if you got the entire list done or a NO in red if you did not get them all done.

You either WIN or you LOSE.

And yes, it should make you feel kind of shitty if you lose.

I know that’s harsh but that’s the point.

And honestly, that’s life.

See at first I thought that was a little much…

Until I wrote my first NO in red.

And guess what?


Right off the bat I fucking hated it.

But guess what happened on day 2….?

I marked it with a blue yes.

Day 2?

Another blue yes.

Day 3, 4, and 5…?

Blue yes.

So what changed for me?

#1 – I hated losing.

#2 – I realized I was overcommitting to tasks and because of that, I was failing.

And when I reflect back, that was a recurring theme for me…

I would over commit, then underachieve, and because of this my tasks would bleed into the next day.

I constantly felt rushed.

Constantly felt like I was failing.

And constantly felt under productive, no matter how much I got done.

Which is why knowing that winners get the trophy and losers don’t, is an important life lesson.

I don’t want to trigger anyone by saying that either, it’s just what I believe.

Especially after witnessing it myself, personally.

And so my advice to you is simple…

Be real with yourself.

Admit when you don’t win.

Figure out WHY you didn’t win.

Change what you need to change, in order to win.

And start fucking winning.

Because you deserve to be a winner.

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